Ship TexturesEdit



0 = 129.00,42.00,0,1,115.00,31.00,143.00,53.00,(damage_sprite_sparks-129.00-42.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-128.00-42.00),(damage_sprite_sparks-133.00-44.00),

Each entry is a place on the ship where it can be targeted and damaged. This is purely visual and has no gameplay merit. the first 2 numbers are the position on the sprite, assuming a 256 x 256 pixel sprite (actual textures are larger). the next 0 or 1 determines if there is a particle effect associated with that impact the next 0 or 1 determines if there is a corresponding damage texture associated with it if there *is* a damage texture, the next 4 values are the co-ordinates (assuming 256sq) of the four corners of the damage texture that is applied when this target gets hit. if there is a particle effect, you might have something like SHIP_EMMITER_THIN next which defines what type it is following this are an optional number of additional 'permanent' emitter effects that are basically the flickering sparks on the damage sprite, their particle name and location



0 = 163,1,382,181,(emit-259-87-hulk_emmiter),(emit-253-153-hulk_emmiter),(emit-251-135-hulk_smoke_emmiter),

These are the pieces the ship breaks into when it has turned into its hulk texture. This isnt available for all ships. This is mainly for frigates and cruisers the first 4 are the locations of the hulk chunk from the main hulk texture assuming 512x512 size. the rest are emmiters placed on that hulk using the same numbering scheme.

Scenario EditingEdit


gui_id = 4 determines where it appears in the list of scenarios on the choose mission screen

backdrop = "bg2.jpg" background image for the map

icon = "bg2_icon.jpg" smaller one for the choose mission screen

name = "scenario2" must be unique

guiname = "The Lagoon Nebula" displayed to player

mapsizex = 2048 size in pixels at zero zoom

mapsizey = 2048

player_deployment = 10,10,710,2038 location of the rectangle in which the player can deploy his ships

ai_deployment = 1348,10,2038,2038 same for enemy

starfield = 1 are tiny stars shown on the map?

fleetcostlimit = 25000 max budget

pilotlimit = 60 max pilots

enemyrace = rebel enemy race

shader = "data/shaders/yellowboost.fx" the special graphical effect script applied to the whole battle screen (apart from UI)

description = "Shields at 50% effectiveness" shown to the player on choose mission screen

size = "small" shown to the player on choose mission screen

unlocked_after = "scenario1" restricts when this mission is playable. leave empty to be always available

[variables] any number of these, samples below: