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Modules, along with ship hulls, are at the very core of gameplay. Designing a ship is essentially a process of deciding which modules to place on a ship hull. Modules come in four categories (Weapons, Defenses, Engines, and Other) and two types (Standard and Hardpoint). Each module has a type and is a member of a category.

Additionally, each module has a class designating the Ship Class the module may be installed on; you cannot mount a Fighter module on a Cruiser hull, or vice versa. When browsing the modules picker you will only be shown modules appropriate to the class of hull that is currently selected.

Standard Type ModulesEdit

Standard Type modules have a square shape and may be placed in any empty slot (square or hexagonal) on a ship hull.

Hardpoint Type ModulesEdit

Hardpoint Type modules have a hexagonal shape and may be placed only on the hexagonal slots (hardpoints) on a ship hull.

It is important to remember that Standard Modules may be placed on Hardpoint slots, but Hardpoint modules may not be placed on Standard slots.

Weapons Category ModulesEdit

Modules in the weapon category are generally used for inflicting damage upon, and ultimately destroying, opposing ships. However there are some weapon modules that do not inflict damage, for example Target Painters or the EMP Missile Launcher I. All modules in the weapon category are Hardpoint Type modules, with the exception of the EMP Cannon.

Defenses Category ModulesEdit

Modules in the defenses category are generally used to prevent or reduce damage inflicted upon the ship. This category includes Shields, Armour, Missile Defense Modules, and so on. Most defenses are Standard Type Modules, however a few are Hardpoint Type Modules.

Engines Category ModulesEdit

These modules provide thrust, allowing a ship to move.

Other Category ModulesEdit

Any module that does not fit into the first three categories ends up here. The most important and ubiquitous modules in the Other category are crew modules and power generator modules.

Lists of ModulesEdit

Organized by class: Fighter Modules, Frigate Modules, Cruiser Modules